Age With Rights

CAMPAIGN : Age With Rights

LEAD CAMPAIGNERThe Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP)

SCALE: Global

MISSION OR VISION: The campaign aims to mobilise larger scale public and media support for a new UN convention on the human rights of older people to ensure equal protection of our human rights in older age. It will create a recognised global movement around the rights of older people grounded in local activism and campaigning around the rallying call of ‘Age With Rights!’.

MAIN ACTIVITIESThe campaign aims to amplify the voices and stories of older people and activists through videos shared at key moments throughout the year. It will raise awareness of the positive impact that a new UN convention can have and reach new audiences through social media. Guidance and support will be provided to civil society advocates working to build support and engage their governments at the national level in discussions around a new UN convention. Local campaign initiatives and achievements from around the world will be showcased through online resources and events.

TIME FRAME: 2021 to present