Global Campaign to Combat Ageism


  LEAD CAMPAIGNER : The World Health Organization 

  SCALE : Global

  MISSION OR VISION : The Global Campaign to Combat  Ageism envisions a world for all ages and aims to change  the way we all think, feel, and act towards age and ageing.


   1. Generating an evidence base to better understand what ageism is, why it matters, and how we can address it: The UN Global report on ageism was a key product for this activity. WHO is also working together with key partners to develop strategies to measure and reduce ageism.

   2. Building a global coalition: It is only through concerted and coordinated action that we can create a world for all ages. A global coalition is being built to improve data collection, enable sharing of knowledge, and coordinate efforts to prevent and respond to ageism.

   3. Raising awareness: To transform understandings of age and ageing, WHO delivers, together with other key partners,  awareness raising events and capacity building programmes, and develops tools to enable others to spread the word about ageism.

   The hashtag of the Global Campaign to Combat Ageism is #AWorld4AllAges.    



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