Ageing Equal


• LEAD CAMPAIGNER: AGE Platform Europe

• SCALE: European & Global

• MISSION OR VISION: The #AgeingEqual campaign is the first European-wide effort to raise awareness that human rights do not diminish with age. It calls for equal rights at all ages and raise
awareness of the harmful consequences of ageism. With the #AgeingEqual campaign, we aim to: (1) establish a long-lasting community of self-advocates where older people are active defenders of age equality; (2) create platform for older people to have a voice and tell their personal stories of ageing and older age; (3) raise awareness of the magnitude and gravity of ageism as a barrier to equality, freedom, and participation in older age.

 MAIN ACTIVITIES: (1) Explain ageism and how it interacts with other disadvantages in simple terms; (2) Provide real life stories of how ageism affects people’s lives and what age equality would mean;
(3) Inspire by promoting actions and good practices challenging ageism.

• TIME FRAME: 2018–2019 (but the campaign platform is still up and running)